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New Belt Promotion Process for Gracie University

Official Blue Belts

Live Verification Testing Now Required for Official Blue Belts.
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Official Blue Belts

As of June 1, 2014, all Gracie University students who train from and test for promotion from home using the Video Evaluation Process will earn Gracie University “Technical Blue Belts.” To receive the “Official Blue Belt,” a student must pass a Live Verification Test (LVT) administered by a certified instructor at a CTC, Level 2 or above. In this video, Ryron and Rener explain the motives and benefits of the new Gracie University belt promotion process.

Step 1: Scheduling the Test

  • Select a CTC from a list of authorized LVT locations and then contact the school to schedule the test.
  • Once the test has been scheduled, complete the LVT Application (providing training history, previous injuries, special requests, etc.) and pay the LVT fee through GracieUniversity.com, at which point we will email the instructor your authorization for testing.
  • Coordinate directly with the instructor to schedule one hour for the LVT.

Step 2: Conducting the Test

  • The one-on-one LVT is a one-hour test. In the first 30 minutes, the instructor will administer the Blue Belt Qualification Test (BBQT) in the exact same format that is outlined on Gracie University. The instructor will spend the remaining time providing feedback on your performance, and, if time permits, introducing you to the Master Cycle.
  • The certified instructor will serve as your bad guy. Throughout the test, the instructor will adjust speed and resistance levels to assess your technical accuracy, conviction and overall reflexes. Bottom line: if you don’t own the material, we don’t recommend the LVT.
  • If your evaluator is a Level 4 instructor (black belt) and you pass the test, the instructor will issue your official blue belt at that time.
  • If your evaluator is a Level 2 or 3 instructor, you will receive your official blue belt in the mail, after the Gracie Academy Headquarters has reviewed the test and authorized the official promotion.

Step 3: Reporting the Results

  • If your evaluator is a Level 2 or Level 3 instructor (non black belt), they will digitally record your test and upload it to Gracie University. The instructor will submit a report recommending pass or fail, the proposed test score (100 minus the number of critical errors), and their general comments on your performance.
  • A senior evaluator at HQ will review the test and the evaluating instructor’s input. Once verified, you will receive your official belt in the mail within a few weeks if you passed.
  • NOTE: Even if the live evaluator thinks you failed the test, they will still upload the video test for review and verification by Headquarters.
  • If a Level 4 instructor evaluates you, the instructor will not record/upload the test. The instructor will, however, submit a report indicating the test results so that we can update the Gracie University student database.


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